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The Prime Minister, The Right Honourable A C Blair, MP.

Attended from 1961 to 1966

Mr Blair attended the school from September 1961 until July 1966. He was in Pudsey House. He attended the school as a dayboy, as did his elder brother, William. In 1993, as the Labour MP for Sedgefield, he returned to the school to open the new Pre Prep department. In July 1994 he was elected leader of the Labour Party and on May 1st 1997 he became Prime Minister, and was elected for a second term on June 7th 2001. Mr Blair has returned to Durham from time to time; he lived in the College as a small child, and has said that he regards Durham Cathedral as his spiritual home. Rowan Atkinson and James Fenton both overlapped with Tony Blair at the school.

Rowan Atkinson

Attended from 1964 to 1966

The actor who is known all over the world as Mr Bean attended the school as a boarder from September 1964 until 1966, and then a dayboy until July 1968. He was in Langley House, the youngest of three brothers, and went on with an exhibition to St Bees School. In this photograph taken in November 1998 he is in our music room with one of our former choristers, having decided to pay the school a visit. The children were amazed to see Mr Bean coming into their classrooms. Their eyes widened, their mouths opened ... they grabbed their pencils and their paper and asked for autographs. He signed several.

David Amos

Head Boy
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Attended from 1981 to 1988

Since leaving Durham Chorister school in 1988, I went to Uppingham until 1993. Having gained my A-Levels I took a gap year in order to travel for four months before attending the Royal Scottish Academy of Dramatic Art where I gained an HND in Technical Theatre. Since then I have been lucky enough to work in numerous theatres including Perth Rep, Dundee Rep, and the Orange Tree in Richmond, Surrey. I am presently working at a Sixth Form College called \"Hurtwood House\" near Dorking as their Technical Manager. I would love to hear from any choristers that were around 1981-1988.